Welcome to FBTASK

FB Task is the #1 Social Media Boosting Service Provider/Advertising Network and Online Business Earning Platform in Nigeria.

We Reward You For Using Your Social Media Accounts To Perform Boosting and Advertising Services.

We pay you for using your Social Media accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok.

You earn while you share adverts on your Social Media accounts or by following accounts, liking pages, subscribing to YouTube channels, sharing posts, watching videos.




FB TASK provides you with multiple opportunity to earn money online while enjoying yourself on your favourite social media platform and cashing out on this platform is swift and sweet.

Share Ads, Make Money Everyday. Make money everyday when you share image, articles or video ads on your social media accounts or when you follow other social media accounts and perform some tasks.

We Help You Boost Your Social Media Portfolio & Engagements Which Will Get You More Leads & Sales.

We understand there is a dire need for business owners and individuals to have a means to give their Social Media Portfolio a good start. This involves having real people follow your personal/business account who will like, comment and share your social media post to reach wider audience to allow you get leads that can eventually turn into paying customers.

Why Boost From Us?

FB TASK have hundreds of registered members on our platform who are real human beings and are very active on the social media platforms we focused on – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube. Our users are ever ready to carry out your Social Media biddings from following your account to liking your page/post, commenting under your post, subscribing to your Youtube Channel, Viewing-Liking-commenting on your Youtube Videos, Posting Your advert on their WhatsApp Status, Facebook timeline etc.

With our bespoke Social Media Boosting Service/Advertising Network, taking your business/self to go viral on the worldwide wide web is easy peasy.

Order for one of our service now and see the magic happen as fast as possible.


Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Earning Money On FB TASK

To earn on FB TASK, you’ll have to carry out very simple social media activities on the different social media activities we work with which include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok.

The kind of task you can do to earn on FB TASK include Sharing adverts on your Social Media accounts, following Social media pages/accounts, Liking pages or posts, subscribing to a Youtube Channel, Liking-Viewing-Commenting on Youtube Videos, Visiting a website pages or posts, Reviewing a business on google and many more.

We are a business entity with digital product and services we offer which are available on our store. Part of our services is offering Social Media Portfolio Boosting/Advertising Services to business owners and individuals who need them. When they order any of our Boosting/Advertising Service, we make it into a task for registered members of our platform to carry out for reward. We also make some profit from the deal. So basically, Task will always be available for members to carry out everyday.

The amount of money you can make on FB TASK has no limit but it will be entirely dependent on
(1) the number of order we get from our clients
(2) how ofen you are available to carry out tasks whenever it is available
(3) how you fit into the criteria desired by our clients like your location (state and LGA), your gender, the social media platforms on which your are often active.

You can redeem your earnings as cash which will be sent into your bank account and you can use your earnings to purchase product and services from our store. On our store are Social Boosting/Advertising Services, Browsing data (MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile) are all available at very affordable rates, digital courses in form of eBooks and videos and many more.

You can request your earnings for cash that will be sent into your bank account at anytime you feel like and your payment will be completed within 24hours. Using your earnings to buy product and services from our store can be done at anytime 0 views on your status before getting reward)
Following an account
Liking a page
Sharing a post
Viewing, Liking and commenting under a Youtube video
Visit a Web page or post

Fb Task generates it’s funds from advertisers who wish to promote their businesses on Social Media or Boost their Social Media accounts. We accept their adverts and they assign to members and pay members for doing so.

Signing up is pretty much easy. Follow these step below to get started.

I. On the website click on the COUPON VENDOR.
II. Contact one the coupon vendors to get a coupon code.
III. Click on the Join button.
IV. Fill in each field with the appropriate details
V. Then login with email or username and password.

We have a fixed amount of reward that each member can earn for carrying out different task on our platform. Each member earns at least N200 daily on tasks. They are listed below:

Subscribing to a Youtube Channel – N50

Posting Advert image and text on your WhatsApp status – N50 (You must have at least 20 views on your status before getting reward)

Following an account – N30

Liking a page – N20

Sharing a post – N20

Viewing, Liking and commenting under a Youtube video – N20

Visit a Web page or post – N10